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Triathlon doesn't build
character. It reveals it.

Are you planning on doing a triathlon for the first time? Have you done a few but are uncertain about the level of your commitment? Are you unclear whether you want a road bike for multi-purposes or a tri-specific bike to use primarily for races?
Big Wheel has the answer. You can rent the tri bike of your choice from among our vast selection of Blue, Cervelo, Scott, Quintana Roo, Guru, and Orbea Tri bikes. Or you can rent a deluxe road bike. Then you can make an informed buying decision. We have tri rental bikes at 2 levels of quality (see below) and daily rates and special weekend rates if you're traveling to an event. Should you decide to buy a bike from us within thirty (30) days of your rental, you may credit one day's rental against the purchase price of your new bike.

Rental Types

Daily Rate x 1.5 - 24 hr rate

Daily Rate x 2.5 - Weekend rate (fri-sun)

* * *

Clipless pedals (installed) provided upon request

Fitting included

If you're not sure you want a new bike but need a bike to train on prior to your first triathlon, we can also help you out. We've got a wide selection of used road bikes from which we can rent you a quality bike in the weeks leading up to your event. The price for a month-long used road rental bike is $300 to $500, of which $100 is allowable as a credit against the purchase price of your new bike, if you buy within thirty (30) days of the end of the rental. And you can change bikes during the course of the rental if you want to experiment.
And remember, we'll specially fit the rental to you, in the same manner as if you were buying a bike. Buying a tri bike can be an uncertain process. Or it can be risk-free. Experience the difference.

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