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Where you get internet pricing with bike shop service.

In 1971, Big Wheel Bikes opened for business at 33rd and M Streets in Georgetown, next to the C & O Canal. The big bike on the yellow wall (lower right) is a Washington, D.C. landmark. Through eight presidents and 43 years, we've maintained our tradition of selling high quality bikes at discount prices to riders of all skill levels. Our largest store is in Arlington, Va. off the Spout Run exit of the GW parkway (above). Each of our four stores is next to a bike path and offers bike rentals. At every Big Wheel location, you'll find straight talk, courteous service, and an ability to relate to your specific cycling needs, whether you're a beginner or triathlete. Please visit our stores and experience first hand the Big Wheel touch.


Current Events


Four our spring sale, we're featuring the following top ten bike deals:

Fuji Absolute 1.5 $779 $599
GT Transeo 3.0 $699 $499
GT Tachyon 2.0 $870 $639
Marin San Rafael $799 $659
San Anselmo DS 4 $799 $659
Marin Terra Linda SC 4 $949 $699
Marin Fairfax SC 5 $1299 $899
Road Bikes
Scott CR1 30 $1499 $1199
Scott Solace 30 $2499 $1999
Scott Foil 30 $3469 $2299
Availability is limited; all bikes w/ free assembly and one year free adjustments.


  msrp sale price
Scott Speedster 30 $1099 $899
Scott Foil 40 $2839 $1999
Scott Foil 30 $3469 $2299

Now Selling Electric Bikes!


(Arlington store only)

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Such brilliant colors! Get your Electra Bikes here!
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Updated Used Bike Price List!

Updated Road and Tri Bike Closeout List!

You don't have to spend a fortune to get a high quality bike for your friend or loved one. We've got fifteen different models of Fuji, Marin, Scott and GT mountain bikes and hybrids between $299 and $499. And each comes with free assembly and one year's free service. At Big Wheel, you can meet your price point without sacrificing quality. Five locations, including our new Potomac, Md. store.

Outstanding Selection of Performance Hybrids and Upright Handlebar Road Bikes!

Many of you want the light weight and performance of road bikes, but don't like the severity of the road bike ride or their high cost. Many of you want an affordable bike which you can ride recreationally and use for the occasional triathlon without embarrassing yourself. Why purchase an expensive road bike or tri bike when you're not certain how committed you are to the sport? Well we've taken notice and so have several of our vendors.

We call this type of bike the performance hybrid or the upright handlebar road bike. Some of our offerings tilt more in the direction of comfort with slightly wider tires and more pitch to the handlebar. Others of this type are more racy with slightly narrower tires and a more forward leaning position. From $389 to $1099, we've got about twenty different models of these types of bikes from Fuji, Marin, GT, Scott, Kona, and Bianchi. Purchase the bike that meets your needs at Big Wheel Bikes. All new bikes come with one year's free adjustments and a lifetime guaranty on the frame.



Get in shape... Meet new people... Make a difference... Accomplish them all with Team In Training (TNT)®, the world's largest endurance sport training program! Train to complete a century ride, or run or walk a marathon or half marathon while raising funds for cancer research and patient support programs. Teams are now forming to participate in the 26th Annual El Tour de Tucson century ride, P.F. Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Marathon and Half Marathon, and Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend!

As a program participant enjoy discounts on all your gear from TNT's partner, Big Wheels Bikes.

For more information call (703) 960-1100 or click on the TNT logo above.



Want to have fun right now? Rent a bike!

Big Wheel Bikes is the major bike rental store in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. We have bike rentals for every occasion and for every kind of rider, from the casual sightseer to the experienced triathlete. We rent mountain bikes, hybrids, tandems and trailers, and high quality road and triathlon bikes......for a few hours, for the day, for the week, or the month. Each of our four stores has its own fleet of bike rentals. Renting a bike is an affordable and fun way to spend your day. We do not take reservations on our daily bike rentals, so please get to the store early to get your choice of rental bikes. And enjoy the ride!




'13 Scott Foil 40
$2839 (msrp) → $1999

Speed is of the essence for the Scott Foil 40... [more]

'13 Scott Foil 30
$3469 (msrp) → $2299

The Scott Foil 30 Road Bike is an Aero Road bike, developed to be faster and more efficient... [more]

'14 Scott Speedster 30
$1089 (msrp) → $899

The Scott Speedster 30 is a lightweight, efficient, and economical road cruiser.... [more]

'15 Scott Metrix 10
$1299 (msrp) → $1199

The Metrix line gives you the freedom to ride the road... [more]

'15 Scott Metrix 20
$999 (msrp) → $899

Agile and swift, the Scott Metrix 20 bike uses... [more]

'15 Scott Metrix 30
$759 (msrp) → $599

The Scott Metrix 30 bike offers speedy performance on roads and paths... [more]

'13 Fuji Absolute 1.4
$729 (msrp) → $569

Conquer one more climb or push through one more hour in the saddle in comfort... [more]

'14 Fuji Absolute 1.3D
$929 (msrp) → $699

Fuji has struck a chord with the new Absolute 1.3 D flat-bar road bike... [more]

'13 Fuji Sportif 1.3
$889 (msrp) → $759

We incorporated the endurance and comfort geometry... [more]

'13 Fuji Sportif 1.1
$1099 (msrp) → $959

From achieving fitness goals to exploring hidden back roads... [more]

'13 Fuji Roubaix 1.5
$1159 (msrp) → $899

Here is your introduction to true race... [more]

'13 Fuji Roubaix 1.3
$1319 (msrp) → $1199

Whether you're racing or training... [more]