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Each Big Wheel store has its own fleet of rental and used bikes. Our Georgetown store is right next to the C & O Canal bike path. Our rental bikes are unique and of high quality, in contrast to the low-end, one size fits all, cookie-cutter bikes provided by our competitors, including Capital Bike Share. We rent hybrids, performance hybrids, mountain bikes, and road bikes. Bicycles may be rented by the hour (3-hour minimum) or by the day. A driver's license or major credit card is required. Helmets and cable locks are provided free of charge upon request.




Hybrid Bike or 26" Wheel Mountain Bike

$7.00/hr  $35.00/day

 3-hr minimum

Performance Hybrid or 29" Wheel Mountain Bike

$8.50/hr  $45.00/day

3-hr minimum

Full Carbon 29" Wheel Mountain Bike

$75.00/day    or part of day

Road Bike (w/ integrated shifters; spd pedals upon request)

$50.00/day    or part of day

Deluxe Road Bike 1 (aluminum/carbon frame w/ Shimano Tiagra or better)

$75.00/day    or part of day

Deluxe Road Bike 2 (full carbon frame w/ Shimano 105 or better)

$100.00/day    or part of day

24 Hour Rate on Road Bikes
(with Deluxe Road Bike 1 or 2 only)

Daily Rate x 1.5

Weekend Rate on Road Bikes (Fri-Sun)
(with Deluxe Road Bike 1 or 2 only)

Daily Rate x 2.5

Triathlon Bike

Click Here for Pricing

Full Suspension Mountain Bike

$50.00/day   or part of day


$10.00/hr $50.00/day

3-hr minimum

Trail-a-Bike or Single Trailer

$25.00/day   or part of day

Double Trailer

$35.00/day   or part of day

Bike with Baby Seat

$50.00/day   or part of day

Kid's Bike

 $5.00/hr  $25.00/day

3-hr minimum

Overnight Rate on Hourly Rentals

 + $10.00

24-hour Rate on Hourly Rentals

Daily Rate x 1.5


5-day week rental

Daily rate x 4

7-day week rental

Daily rate x 5


Hybrid/26" Wheel Mountain Bike


Road Bike (aero shifters) $300.00

Triathlon Bike

Special Arrangement
Contact Us


Are you planning a trip to Washington with a large group? A great way to tour the sites is by bicycle. We offer custom-fit bikes and special discounts to groups of ten or more for daily or longer rentals. Please call (202) 320-9730 to make arrangements or e-mail us at

helmets and locks provided upon request

rental day based on store hours

credit card or driver's license required — no exceptions

return bikes 15 minutes prior to closing

reservations made for groups only

each rider must sign rental agreement                                                                



'16 Fuji Absolute 1.7D
$630 (msrp) → $529

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'16 Fuji Absolute 1.3D
$850 (msrp) → $699

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'15 Scott Metrix 10
$1299 (msrp) → $1199

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'15 Scott Metrix 20
$999 (msrp) → $899

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'15 Scott Metrix 30
$759 (msrp) → $599

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